Awesome Money Boss Annual Goal Planner
Free Workbook

Presented by: Mindy Crary

With this workbook you will:


Reflect back and capture what worked and what didn’t in the past year


Build a new money paradigm and let go of all of those past worries and frustrations


Plan out the goals, strategies & tactics for getting what you want in the next 12 months


Prepare at your highest level so you’re in alignment with implementation

Start making progress toward what you want!

Here’s a dirty little secret about your money:
Money success always starts with being in alignment with your big vision!

You can’t get excited about “just” saving more money – it has to be for something relevant in your life. If you’re scattered or unclear about your vision for the future, then guess what happens? Your money results will also be scattered.

Money is attracted to crystal clear visions and actions in alignment with them. And it doesn’t even mean you need to be running all over the place trying to make things happen; it’s more about that inner sense of knowing. You know where you’re headed, and you know what you want to get out of it.

This Awesome Money Boss Goals workbook (one for individuals and one for entrepreneurs, take your pick!) makes it ridiculously simple to finally get clear about your vision so you can get more, earn more and expect more from your money.


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