Money Chakra
Lesson One

Release Your Money Block!

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Money Chakra: Lesson One

With Mindy Crary

With this MP3, Class Outline and Workbook, you will identify:

Relatable examples (from my life!) how the energy block works

The core issue associated with your money block

How your energy interacts with your money decisions

Key activities to help you work on and release your money block

Here’s a “dirty little secret” about your finances:
The numbers are NEVER what mess people up!

So what prevents us from having the best financial life possible? Actually, it’s all in how you think and act—your energy when it comes to money. If you have money blocks, there are typically 7 major ways they come up for people. But fear not, because once you understand them, they start to lose power over you.

The truth is, most people don’t even realize they have money blocks…they just think it’s “they way things are.”

This first lesson from Money Chakra makes it ridiculously simple to finally understand how you have been holding yourself back from earning more and expecting more from your money.

Release Your Money Block!

Download the first lesson, FREE!