Finally gain money momentum and have your best year yet!

Presented by: Mindy Crary

With this workbook you will:


Understand the crucial elements of a successful money relationship.


Build a new money paradigm and let go of all your past frustrations.


Plan out the specific, personal ways that you want to move forward.


Get your money relationship in alignment with your money vision.

Finally start making progress toward what you want!

Here’s a dirty little secret about your money:

Money success isn’t about 401k savings, cash reserves and debt management – it’s about your core feelings, desires and vision. And it all starts with love…because how can you have a successful relationship with anything, anyone, if you don’t start with love?

There are so many money habits, money tactics, blah-blah-blah things that financial experts tout as things you “should” do…but aren’t you sick of shoulding all over yourself?!?

You can’t get excited about “just” saving more money – to really fuel your vision, to achieve success, you have to LOVE it. And doing that is SO MUCH MORE SIMPLE than you might think.

Once you make the commitment to love your money, everything falls into place.

This Love My Money Commitment workbook makes it ridiculously simple to finally get clear about the areas you need to love your money more, and gives you specific ideas about how you might build more love into your relationship immediately — so you can get more, earn more and expect more from your money.


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